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We are committed to supporting School Arts Programmes.

At Hamilton Operatic we understand that each and every annual school production, year group drama class assessment, and any other themed school event is a massive undertaking for both staff and students.  We are also aware that fewer and fewer schools have the budget or the space to maintain and run their own theatre wardrobes. The regular scrounge to get parents to provide sewing skills and the artistic compromises that have to be made are frustrating… and now unnecessary! We are here to help. We are very likely to have just what you need or on the rare occasion we do not, we are pretty familiar with who in the community might have it. We can even help you find someone to make pieces if necessary.

Whether it is a few pieces or an entire production wardrobe we are happy to help. Contact us and we can talk through the options for getting your production looking fantastic efficiently and cost effectively.

If you are looking for a large number of costumes the first thing that comes to mind is probably that you are not willing to entertain the idea of travelling to Hamilton with all those cast members. And not bringing them means you are unsure if things will fit. So we think we have devised a system that will help streamline the process and it goes something like this:

You develop your character costume lists along with sizes required. You send these through to us so we can get a feel for what you are looking for and start thinking about matching what we have with what you need.

You come in to visit us at the shop and we start pulling out options and assembling the collection.

When you think you have a good selection we bag everything up for you complete with a packing slip and quote for you to take a way on appro for a few days.

You have a fitting session with your cast back at school.

Whatever doesn’t fit or suit, you bring back to us and either swap or simply return. We alter the packing slip and issue an invoice when the full wardrobe is completed to your satisfaction.

Once your production has run you follow the washing instructions, bag everything up and return it to us.


Hamilton Operatic Society is committed to supporting school arts programmes, so we have special school hireage rates. Please make contact for further information.

All hireage enquiries should be made to:

Call 07 839 3082 or email

Hireage Terms & Conditions

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Hamilton Operatic Society

07 839 3082

59 Clarence Street (upstairs from the offices at Clarence St Theatre)
PO Box 463 Hamilton 3240

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