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The theatre is fertile ground for a multitude of craft and artistic pursuits. Along with the commanding performances of the actors under the careful direction and management of the crew, a show is brought to life with the set, the props, the back cloths and the costumes, conceived of and created by a multitude of people behind the scenes of the production you see.

Hamilton Operatic Society has been operating for over 100 years and throughout that time artisans and craftspeople have designed and constructed those costumes, researching techniques from bygone eras and sourcing fabrics and embellishments that best represent the original era. Mural artists have conceived of and painted giant murals on canvas and cotton to transport the audience to a Pacific Jungle or a Parisian street. And carpenters have constructed elaborate set pieces that effortless glide around the stage and support the action.

All our treasures are available to you. Our costumes represent every historical era, specific characters and a multitude of genres popular for both stage and social events. Whether it's a stage performance, film and media, or photography shoot we can help dress the cast.

Our cloths have been carefully stored and fire retarded to meet regulations and can be freighted anywhere in the country. We also have props and set pieces that are at your disposal.

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Hamilton Operatic Society

07 839 3082

59 Clarence Street (upstairs from the offices at Clarence St Theatre)
PO Box 463 Hamilton 3240

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