Strategic Plan 2024-2026

News from the Board

This year has been an opportunity for the board to step back from our day-to-day operations, solidify our identity, and consider our priorities. 

We are delighted to present our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan which includes three strategic paths underpinned by Creative People doing Creative Things for Creative Good to “Bring the Experience of Musical Theatre to the Waikato”. 


The concept of the HOS strategy visualisation was created by AREA Design who have used abstracted theatre lighting as a basis for the graphic device. 

"Lighting provides a great touchpoint because, like the strategic plan, it serves to highlight and enhance the performance and the people, without being the centre of attention itself." - AREA Design

As part of effective governance, our board members and staff have each aligned themselves with one of the strategic paths to progress the actions and evaluate our outcomes. 

Strategic Path # 1: Develop a diverse programme of Musical Theatre

Julia Booth & Philippa Chesham

Strategic Path # 2: Nourish Creative Wellbeing

Caroline Gill & Hannah Doherty

Strategic Path # 3: Ensure a sustainable organisation 

Astrid Shouler & Victoria Munro

The board wishes to acknowledge those who acted in an advisory role supporting us with this mahi particularly Heather Connolly, Jeremy Mayall, Fiona Bradley, and AREA design for the visualisation concept. We also acknowledge those members who contributed to the discussions around our future at the AGM in 2022. 


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